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When ex soldier awakes in a bath of ice, missing a kidney. He must piece together the desperate choices he made to get his sister an organ match while fighting his way out of this human trafficking Den.

Director: David Newton
Writer: Beau Fowler
Producer: Wolf E Rubea, David Newton
D.O.P: Mark Nutkins
Genre: Action/Thriller


Dying Of The Light

Inspired by the poem ‘Don’t Go Gentle Into That Good Night’ by Dylan Thomas. A child soldier finds himself the last man standing on the battlefield 1914.

Director: David Newton
Writer: Dylan Thomas, David Newton
Producer: Annie Peet
D.O.P: Stephen J Nelson
Genre: Drama

The Take Down

A rogue hitman on a mission to takedown his corrupt boss finds himself facing a league of deadly assassins.

Writer/Director: David Newton
Producer: Eloise Carrow
D.O.P: Stephen J.Nelson
Distribution: Amazon Prime
Genre: Action


Howling Hops

Advertising the venue and selling online take away beers.

Writer/Director: David Newton
Producer: David Newton
D.O.P: Stephen J.Nelson
Genre: Commercial

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