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David Newton

Film Director & Writer

David is a British Director best known for his multi award winning story driven action films RED, The Last and Dying Of The Light. David’s work spans Commercials, Music Videos, Feature Films and TV.

David is an exciting visual director who comes with a strong sense of style with a level headed approach which is gratefully enjoyed by producers.

David started off his career in 2007 working as a professional stuntman and has performed in some of Hollywood’s biggest and best-known studio hits such as Batman, Game Of Thrones, Spider-Man, Star Wars, Transformers, Wonder Woman, Harry Potter and the James Bond franchise to name a few.

Taking his career behind the camera came naturally and he quickly became noticed when his short films were producing action on par with summer blockbusters.

While being a director for hire David is also currently developing a slate of feature films and TV shows for multiple platforms.

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